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Computers have become life systems for many professions and work cultures. It has become an ingrained part of any economy. Even at domestic and social levels, computers are an essential aide to interpersonal relationships.

From being complex bulky machines, computers have evolved to being sleek and user friendly. Occasionally though computers have problems that can jeopardize these lifelines. Free computer diagnostics are available to make sure that these problems are well contained and manageable.

Free computer diagnostics can be used for a variety of reasons. To prevent slowdown, to avoid crashing or memory overuse or hard drive space over usage and many other such concerns.

The following list mentions some of the best available free computer diagnostics:

SIW (Windows)

This free computer diagnostic is Windows based and very helpful to get to the bottom of things if it isn’t as bad as requiring help with a Live CD. It provides for detailed analysis and leaves nothing un-catalogued or accounted for.

It provides with intricate details of DLL files loaded, timings of modules in the memory and even a list of applications that have been set to auto run during startup. It therefore is a very helpful free computer diagnostic tool that can be used even when not experiencing any considerable problem.

Hiren’s BootCD (Live CD)

This free computer diagnostic tool is a DOS-based Live CD. It contains an entire range of diagnostic and repair tools and is therefore very impressive. It allows diagnosing memory problems, clone a disk so as to speed test the video card and many other essentials. If this free computer diagnostic is not able to trace the problem then in all likelihood it is time purchase another computer.

Computer- Diagnostic The only concern with Hirens BootCD is that its compilation includes commercial software that are older versions of those still being produced or abandonware. The legal status of this free computer diagnostic is also not clear and therefore is not hosted directly either.

Google/Search Engines (Web based)

Most people will not think of this as a probable option to handle computer related issues. But Google or any other search engine might be an ideal place to find free computer diagnostics of problems. This can be done by plugging in error codes no matter how complicated and allowing the search engine to scan through varying forum posts, Usenet postings and web pages and get the ideal answers.

Even though this isn’t the traditional way of handling computer related concerns it might be a good option to start with. The results can then be scanned through to get specific solutions.

Ubuntu LiveCD (Live CD)

This free computer diagnostic has the advantage of being very user friendly and of being accessed even outside diagnostic work. It allows scanning the computer for viruses, to recover lost data and also be able to test computer memory along with many other tasks. Live CDs allow for a platform to independently work on the troubled system and has an added advantage of how- to guides and information.

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